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No. 787, Guangming 6th Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
About Raytech
Hsinchu is famous as its glass arts and handicrafts. The CEO of Raytech had run a big plant for manufacturing glass handicrafts that were traded all over the world for more than 30 years. In 2002, it was decided to march to the production of scientific & technical products. Therefore, Ray Technology Co., Ltd. was founded and several sales and manufacture engineers that equipped with professional experience in semiconductor & optoelectronic fields were collected to build the factory and set up diverse equipment and facilities.

Under the circumstances that local application users and manufacturers had rare chances to communicate and express exact interface requirements directly, those engineers decided to fill the gap between users and manufacturers, and to make a solid contribution for promoting local technical level. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to operate our machines to produce high quality components that fully meet customers’ requirements.

The products and services provided by Raytech cover a broad range of process equipment and facilities, that include consumable parts manufacture, vacuum pump overhaul, machines modification & maintenance, and vacuum system manufacture. Many products have been successfully introduced to semiconductor and optoelectronic plants.

Our goal is to provide clients with low cost, and on-time delivery products with strict quality control. With unceasing improvement and constant innovation, Raytech is dedicated to offer the best products and service to all customers.

Business Scope
1. Manufacture and Modification of Quartz, Ceramic, Engineering Plastic, Metal Parts.
2. Design & Manufacture of Production Fixtures or Test Fixtures.
3. Design,Modification,and Manufacture of Machines.
4. Supplying Process Parts.
5. Reverse Engineering Service and Prototype Implementation.
6. Vacuum Pumps overhaul.
7. Design and Manufacture of Vacuum Systems.
8. Vacuum Systems Modification and Repairing.
9. Vacuum Technologies Consultancy and Vacuum Systems Troubleshooting.
1.Semiconductor Fabs
2.TFT-LCD Fabs
3.IC Packing & Testing Fabs
4.LED Fabs
5.Epitaxial Fabs
6.Equipment Suppliers for Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Industries、
8.Precision Machine Vendors
9.National Research Organizations。
1. Cost & Delivery :Manufacturing products by our own machining equipment, we reduce cost and delivery time effectively。
2. Raw material:Steady and Stable supply from the material suppliers。
3. Engineering Experience:Decades of experience in implementing and manufacturing Semi. & optoelectronic parts, Reverse Engineering Enable us to facilitate custom services。
4. Professionals:With outstanding R&D team involving in vacuum deposition, vacuum system, Molding manufacturing , Ceramic & quartz machining, we can assist clients to solve versatile engineering difficulties。
5. Location:With the factory in Hsinchiu city, nearing the Formosa Free High Way, closing to the customers, we can provide immediate service and in-time response to customers in Science based Industrial Park, Junan Science Park, and Hsinchu Industrial Park。