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No. 787, Guangming 6th Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Coater for plastic products

Turn-key offer for full plant of vacuum metallizing To coat:
  1. Car lamp reflecting cover and back mirror.
  2. various electronics components.
  3. Perfume bottles & cosmetics casing.
  4. Decorations.
  5. clock frame.
TiN Coater

TiN vacuum coater to coat:
  1. Cutting tools.
  2. Brass bathroom accessories.
  3. Stainless steel tableware.
  4. Watchcases & watch belts.
  5. Various metal products.
Multi-layer optical coater

Optical Vacuum Coater Suitable for:
  1. AR coating of optical lens, mirrors, and prisms.
  2. High reflection film.
  3. Narroror broad band pass filters.
  4. Various optical coating.
Vacuum Sputter

Vacuum sputter Suitable for:
  1. TFT-LCD glass sputtering.
  2. LED process sputtering.
  3. DVD sputtering equipment.
  4. Various optical sputtering.
Business scope
1. 1. Design and Manufacture of Vacuum Systems
A. Turn-key offer for full plant of vacuum metallizing
B. TiN vacuum coaters
C. Multi-layer optical coaters
D. Vacuum Sputter
E. Vacuum soldering and welding mechines
F. Implement and development of various vacuum systems

2. Vacuum system modification and repairing
A. Refinement of old vacuum systems
B. Integration and repairingold vacuum systems

3.Vacuum Technologies Consultancy and Vacuum Systems Troubleshooting
A. Training courses of Vacuum technologies
B. Diagnosis of vacuum system problems
C. Vacuum systems troubleshooting

4. Manufacture and supply of various vacuum components
A. Diffusion pumps
B. Vacuum valves
C. Fittings

5. Manufacture and supply of consumables & accessories
A. Tungsten and molybdenum heaters
B. Ceramic crucibles, graphite crucibles
C. Discharging tubes and corresponding transformers
D. Coating material (SiO2, TiO2…..)
E. Pump oils